Where are you based out of?

Northern Utah County

How do I book a session with you?

Write me through the contact page or by my email: kathryngracephoto@gmail.com

Do you schedule sessions on weekends or weekdays? And what time of day should I expect?

I prefer doing evenings on the weekends, but an alternate time and day can be arranged.

Do you provide any of the RAW footage you take?

No I do not offer that, however I do edit the photos and give them to you on a disk so you have the ability to keep them digitally and to make your own prints of them.

Am I allowed to bring a friend or parent to my portrait session?

Of course! You are more then welcome to bring them along, especially if they are good at making you laugh for pictures.;) If you would like pictures with them though, email me and I can give you pricing. But if they are simply tagging along they can totally come and help me bring out your photogenic side.:)

If you have any more questions, email me on the contact page.:)

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